March 3, 2024

The Supervisory Councilor for Lands, Estate, and Physical Development, representing Ward 11, Hon. Balogun Kazeem Abiodun, is among those who are profoundly mourning the passing of the beloved PDP leader.

As the news of Baba Ayanwusi’s passing continues to send ripples of sorrow throughout the community, the Supervisory Councilor expressed his deep sadness and admiration for the departed leader.

In a poignant reflection, Hon. Balogun Kazeem Abiodun remarked, “Baba Ayanwusi was not only a leader but also a mentor and a symbol of unity in Ward 11. His loss is a monumental blow to our ward, local government, and the entire PDP family. We have lost a guiding light.”

Baba Ayanwusi’s impact on Ward 11 extended far beyond his role as a political leader. He was a source of inspiration, wisdom, and unwavering support for the local leadership.

Hon. Balogun Kazeem Abiodun, like many others, recognized the uniqueness of Baba Ayanwusi’s influence.

The Supervisory Councilor for Lands, Estate, and Physical Development also joined in offering prayers for Ward 11, saying, “I pray that God grants us the strength to cope with this profound loss. Baba Ayanwusi’s legacy will forever remain with us as we continue to work towards the progress and unity of our ward.”

As Ward 11 grieves the passing of Baba Ayanwusi, the Supervisory Councilor’s heartfelt words reflect the collective sorrow and respect felt by all who had the privilege of knowing the late leader.

His legacy will continue to inspire and shape the future of Ward 11 and Ibadan North Local Government.

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