March 3, 2024

As Nigeria celebrates 63 years of independence, Governor Seyi Makinde’s exceptional performance in Oyo State has been hailed by GSM Advocates led by the former Publicity Secretary of Oyo State PDP, Engr Akeem Olatunji. According to the GSM Advocates, the governor’s strategic initiatives have ushered in a new era of independence, particularly in terms of infrastructural development.

One noteworthy achievement is the reconstruction of the long-neglected Ibadan-Iseyin road. Previously plagued by deplorable conditions, the road now enables residents to travel in just 35 minutes, a significant improvement from over 4 hours it cost motorists and travellers during the previous administration. This transformation has undoubtedly brought independence to the transportation system in the state.

Furthermore, the Light Oyo project has illuminated the state, dispelling darkness and providing a safe environment where criminals have no place to hide. This initiative has enhanced the overall security and openness of the state, promoting a sense of freedom for its residents.

Governor Makinde’s efforts to secure complete ownership of the Ladoke Akintola University, which was previously jointly owned with Osun State, demonstrate his commitment to fostering independence and freedom in education. This move ensures that Oyo State has full control over the university, paving the way for further advancements in the education sector. With the full operation of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Renewable Natural Resources in Iseyin, the age-long dreams come into fruition. Makinde has done this in the areas of his administration’s free education policy, urban renewal policy, affordable healthcare reform policy, agribusiness development, revamping of the State’s economy to be positioned among the first seven States with the highest revenue generation effort among others, commissioning of 38.85KM Oyo-Iseyin road project has also open Oke-ogun to economic expansion.

Among the governor’s ongoing projects is the Independent Power Plant (IPP) initiative. Once completed, this groundbreaking project will effectively eliminate the long-standing issue of erratic power supply, freeing Oyo State from the chains of unreliable electricity. The prospect of uninterrupted power holds immense potential for attracting investments, boosting industries, and improving the overall quality of life for the people.

The completion of the IPP project will soon liberate Oyo State from the shackles of erratic power supply. Governor Seyi Makinde’s visionary leadership has created an atmosphere of freedom, aiming to alleviate the hardships faced by the people of Oyo State.

This remarkable progress in Oyo State serves as a clarion call to other governors, ministers, and government officials across Nigeria. The transformative strides made by Governor Seyi Makinde should inspire others to replicate his achievements, fostering development and independence nationwide.

While acknowledging President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s potential to lead Nigeria to greater heights, it is important for all citizens from various walks of life to rally behind his developmental plans. By collectively supporting these initiatives, Nigeria can truly become the pride of its citizens and compete with other developed nations.

Together, let us embrace the vision of Governor Seyi Makinde and work towards a Nigeria that stands tall among nations, driven by independence, progress, and unity.

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