February 22, 2024

As Nigeria marks its 63rd Independence Anniversary, Hon. Dhikirulahi Adedeji Stanley Olajide, popularly known as Odidi Omo, the Honorable Member representing the Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, has urged Nigerians to reflect on the progress and achievements of the nation.

The lawmaker, in a press statement issued by his Media Office, commended the resilience and determination of the Nigerian people, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to nation-building.

He equally acknowledged the significant milestones Nigeria has achieved over the years, from overcoming various challenges to fostering unity and diversity.

The statement noted that the lawmaker’s tenure as a representative of the Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Federal Constituency has been marked by an unwavering dedication to improving the lives of his constituents.

It also stated that under his leadership, numerous impactful initiatives aimed at promoting socio-economic development, infrastructure enhancement, and human empowerment, have been implemented.

According to the statement, another key achievement of the lawmaker is the successful implementation of various constituency projects, including the construction and rehabilitation of schools, healthcare facilities, and road networks.

The statement said the projects have not only improved the living standards of the people but have also created employment opportunities and enhanced access to essential services.

“Hon. Odidi Omo has been instrumental in advocating for policies that prioritize education and youth empowerment. He has championed initiatives that provide scholarships, vocational training, and entrepreneurial support for young people in the constituency. By so doing, he has empowered the youth to become productive members of society, contributing to the overall growth and development of Oyo State.

“In the area of healthcare, Hon. Odidi Omo has been actively involved in securing necessary resources for the improvement of healthcare facilities in the constituency.

“Through his efforts, the availability of quality healthcare services has significantly increased, ensuring that the people of Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Federal Constituency have access to essential medical care,” the statement concluded.

Odidiomo, however,  expressed his deepest gratitude to his constituents for their unwavering support and trust, reassuring them of his continued commitment to representing their interests and working towards the betterment of the constituency.

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