February 22, 2024

The Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP), Oyo State Branch, marked the International Day of Peace by joining forces with the Oyo State Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources in a significant step towards fostering peace, sustainable development, and environmental conservation.

In a meeting that underscored the crucial role of peace practice in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) and a sustainable environment, SPSP representatives engaged with the Oyo State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Abdulmojeed Mogbonjubola.

The occasion served as a platform to discuss local environmental challenges and solutions, with a strong emphasis on the importance of community involvement.

During the meeting, SPSP made a tangible contribution to the cause by handing over three waste drums to the Ministry of Environment.

These waste drums will be strategically placed in communities grappling with waste recycling issues, ensuring proper disposal and environmental protection.

The gesture was warmly received by Commissioner Mogbonjubola, who applauded SPSP’s proactive approach to addressing environmental concerns.

Mr. Mogbonjubola also extended an invitation to SPSP, Oyo State Branch, to participate in ongoing stakeholder engagements focused on environmental security.

This collaboration highlights the value of partnership between civil society organizations and government agencies in tackling environmental issues effectively.

SPSP, Oyo State Branch, firmly believes that local actions can have a global impact.

The event reaffirmed the integral connection between environmental concerns and peace development.

Advocacy for positive change in environmental practices will remain at the forefront of SPSP’s mission as they continue to work towards a more peaceful and sustainable future.

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