May 28, 2024

By Kehinde Gbadeyanka, a Member of the GSM Advocates

The pace setter state has produced several colours of leaders in the past 48 years of its craetion by the then military decree. Oyo has been governed by both military and elected leaders for a period of time. Today at the helm of affair of Oyo state, we are having His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde Fnse KJW.

Suffice to say that God has helped Seyi Makinde to realise his term ambition of becoming governor after many rigorous years of trying.

Apparently, Seyi Makinde as a great man with deep intellectual clarity, independent mindedness, sound ideological commitment, consuming organisational acumen, an unbounded faith in the mass of people, an indomitable fighting spirit, a self motivated soul that is poised for exploit as well as a knack for service and love for fellow human beings has qualify him to lead this great nation in future.

Having the likes of Seyi Makinde’s service in federal or international capacity should not be an astonishment to people. He is undauntedly on ground for any challenge.

Virtually, Seyi Makinde’s rare qualities are attributable to heroic fighters, transformational leaders, builders of empires, and champion of great morel. Seyi has the capability of bringing about drastic positive changes in the material condition of living people and an advancement in the spiritual inclination of humankind. This has ensured his victory in the previous and late polls.

Are we to mention the restoration of lost glory via bringing back monumental achievements that we are known for or the relaunder of our image at the international community.

Transformation in all sectors, be it in education, health, infrastructure, security, agriculture, or transportation to mention but a few, are of outstanding achievement. The business of the State under his leadership is not as usual as a lot of archaic practices have continued to change their forms from what they used to be in the past.

Seyi Makinde, as a certified engineer, has engineered a lot of developmental initiatives into the Oyo system. He is well equipped with resounding determination, which has made him achieve the highest feat in the history of the state.

Seyi Makinde’s economic ingenuity and excellent statecraft have brought rapid infrastructural and economic development, transforming the state to a megabit that has been attracting several accolades and awards to him and Oyo state. The Best Governor of the Year 2023!

Given his brilliant political strategies and dynamism. Seyi Makinde remains a political tsunami as he emerged nearly unopposed in the last poll( code 31- 2)

As a partyman, Seyi is a consistent, unrepentant apostle of true federal justice and equity. This has earned him a Lion of the South West in the present political dispensation.

Seyi Makinde is not a legal luminary or an academician but his political vocation and revolution have made a modern political Thinker via the use of data, science, and logic in his political victory so far.

Seyi Makinde at 56 has sterling quality and stood out among political heavyweight in southwest political terrain as most influential, foresighted, consummate and accomplished political figure who singlehandedly nurtured the flowering of progressive ideal for PDP in the southwest.

With these highlighted facts and records of His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde remains a political phenomenon and has ample chance to lead the country in the tomorrow to come. His style, politics, and leadership qualities remain unusual even in the mind of political adversaries who had shaken their spines both in party level and polls.

Kehinde Gbadeyanka is a member of the GSM Advocates

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