July 15, 2024

The Chairman and management of Pacesetter Transportation Company have commenced the payment of backlog of pensions and gratuities owed retirees of the Company.

The backlog of arrears and pensions dated back to 1994 are being cleared in a renewed effort to pay the entitlements of the retirees.

The Executive Chairman and Sole Administrator of the company, Honourable Ibrahim Oladeji Salami Dikko, disclosed that by year 2027, the company will not be owing any retiree any pension and gratuity.

He also commended the governor for subsidizing the company to the tune of 3.5 million naira on daily basis and 77 million naira on a monthly basis for the cost diesel used in the company.

He advised the workers to redouble their efforts, assuring them that their labour will be rewarded.

Source: BCOS TV

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