April 21, 2024

In a bid to address the escalating issues of kidnapping, banditry, and attacks in Nigeria, Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel, representing Ibadan North constituency 2 in the Oyo state house of assembly, has called for the implementation of localized police forces.

Expressing concern over recent attacks by armed Fulani herdsmen in Oriire and Ogooluwa in Ogbomoso, Hon. Babajide emphasized the need for localized security, asserting that it would streamline efforts and fortify security in individual communities.

Citing the diverse linguistic landscape of Nigeria, the lawmaker highlighted the communication challenges faced by security personnel in various regions.

He stressed the importance of deploying officers who are familiar with the local dialects, making the job more effective and responsive to the unique needs of each community.

Furthermore, Hon. Babajide urged the executive government to prioritize border security, aiming to prevent external aggression. He recommended increased surveillance in both rural and urban areas to combat the growing threats of kidnapping and incessant killings.

In a move to bolster local security efforts, the lawmaker called on the government to empower existing forces such as Amotekun and vigilante groups.

According to Hon. Babajide, these local entities possess an intimate understanding of the terrain, enabling them to navigate and secure communities more effectively than the conventional police force.

As Nigeria grapples with heightened security challenges, Hon. Babajide Gabriel’s call for localized policing stands as a proactive measure to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens across the nation.

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