April 15, 2024

In a somber and heartfelt moment, Adewuyi Sunday Adewale, widely known as Actor and Chairman of the Park Management System (PMS) Eruwa branch, extends his deepest condolences to the entire PMS Ibarapa zone in Oyo state.

The community is reeling from the tragic loss of the PMS Ibarapa joint chairman, comrade Akorede Kamorudeen, who was not just a dedicated leader but also the elder brother to Akorede Lateef, chairman of Ibarapa North Local Government council.

The sequence of events leading to the untimely demise of Comrade Akorede Kamorudeen unfolded with urgency, as he was swiftly rushed to the nearest hospital in Igboora, Ibarapa East.

The severity of his condition necessitated further medical attention, prompting a transfer to the Federal Medical Center, Idi Aba, Abeokuta. Despite the valiant efforts, Comrade Akorede Kamorudeen eventually succumbed to his illness, leaving a void that resonates deeply within the PMS and the broader Ibarapa community.

Actor, reflecting on the life and legacy of Comrade Akorede Kamorudeen, described him as a man of the people.

He emphasized the exemplary leadership that the departed chairman demonstrated throughout his tenure, winning the respect and admiration of those he served.

As the news of the tragic loss reverberates through the PMS Ibarapa zone, Actor acknowledged the profound impact Comrade Akorede Kamorudeen had on the organization.

The chairman’s dedication, commitment, and people-centric approach endeared him to fellow members, making his passing a poignant moment for the entire PMS community.

In his condolence message, Actor extended heartfelt prayers for the peaceful repose of Comrade Akorede Kamorudeen’s soul.

He also conveyed sincere wishes for strength and resilience to the Ibarapa community, urging them to find solace in the memories of the departed leader’s exemplary life.

As the PMS Eruwa branch chairman, Actor affirmed the shared grief and pledged support to the Ibarapa zone during this challenging time.

The loss of Comrade Akorede Kamorudeen is not just a loss to the PMS family but also a significant blow to the larger community, which has lost a charismatic and dedicated leader.

The memory of Comrade Akorede Kamorudeen will undoubtedly live on, as the PMS and Ibarapa community navigate this profound loss together.

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