April 15, 2024

The Executive Chairman of Oyo East local government, Alhaji Hon. Prince Arowosaye Saheed Adeyemi Arosad, appeals to the people of Awe and Kieseni communities to embrace peace amidst a boundary dispute.

He condemns the clash resulting in the destruction of houses in Kieseni community (Oyo East) and Awe town (Afijio local government).

Highlighting the government’s role in protecting lives and property, Arosad urges the warring villages to avoid disputes and focus on farming to prevent future famine. He acknowledges the unfortunate tensions arising from the long-running boundary dispute and assures both communities of ongoing efforts to address the issue.

Arosad, along with Hon. Sunday Akindele Ojo of Afijo Local Government, is actively engaged in meaningful dialogue with the affected communities. Security agencies have been directed to enhance security to prevent further disorder. Arosad calls for calm, restraint, and unity during this challenging time.

In response to recent displacement, Arosad directs his team to assist affected members of the Kieseni community, mobilizing resources for support.

He urges community leaders and residents to promote peace through dialogue and negotiations, expressing confidence in finding a resolution that fosters harmony between Awe town and Kieseni communities.

Prince Saheed Arowosaye
Executive Chairman,
Oyo East Local Government Area.

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