April 15, 2024

The Technical Adviser of Shooting Stars Sports Club, Gbenga Ogunbote, the Oracle, was engaged by the media for his post match views after the Matchday 18 clash against Sporting Lagos

The soft spoken gaffer responded to the few questions thrown at him.



It’s unfortunate that we conceded some cheap goals, especially the first goal and even the second. They are goals we should have avoided.

But that notwithstanding, we will still go back home, make corrections where necessary, but the important thing is that, one point on the road, this time around, let’s see how we can make the best use of it in our next home game.


Well, I think everybody is entitled to his opinion, you understand. I did say before now that the team went six games without a win, you would expect that the morale of the team would have gone down and there was a lot of pressure.

If a team had played about 16 games and played very well, even the ones we didn’t win, we still played very well, I think they should excuse us from one that we didn’t perform too well.

It is not that the boys didn’t want to do well, but unfortunately, there was a lot of pressure on everybody.

The players wanted to win, but once the winning was not coming, you will expect that there will be pressure, it is obvious. But I think with today’s (Monday) performance, besides the result, I think the boys played well.


Even when the team that is occupying the first position has started signing players, why won’t we. Yes, but it’s not going to be much, we are thinking of just a few hands, you know, to help the team to solidify some areas and I think with that, we should be good to go.


That’s another interesting game, every game is interesting. We will go there, thank God the pressure is being taking off the players before we play the next game, the boys would have been on their right mentality to execute what they can do best, certainly we will do that.

We are not playing Enyimba for the first time, and it’s not going to be the last time, but we will do our best to ensure we consolidate.

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