July 16, 2024

Atiba Chairmanship candidate, Hon. Wahab Waliu Adetunji Wabkem, along with party chieftains and others, attended the 3-day Fidau prayer for the late party secretary’s wife, Suliyat Aleem

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, his vice Badmus Olaide Ismail, and all councilorship candidates attended the event at Taku Compound, Isale-Basorun, Oyo, Oyo State on Saturday.

The gathering included party stalwarts, Islamic clerics, government functionaries, stakeholders, leaders, families, friends, and others.

During the event, Alfa Quadri Amulegbalaro delivered a sermon, emphasizing the omnipotence and benevolence of Almighty Allah. He urged people to emulate the late Mrs.

Suliyat Aleem Ayeriyina’s life, describing her as a good religious woman, a perfect gentle being, and a pious woman of inestimable value.

The cleric stressed the lesson from her death, stating that worldly possessions and positions would not accompany individuals after death. He encouraged the congregation to fear Allah.

Imam Amulegbalaro prayed for the repose of the deceased’s soul in Al-Janat Firdaus and wished good health, protection, and guidance for the deceased’s husband, family, attendees, political office holders, and the Muslim ummah.

Atiba’s frontline chairmanship candidate, Hon. Wahab Waliu Adetunji Wabkem, supported the bereaved family with a generous sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira and pledged further assistance.

Other congregants also committed to sponsoring the deceased children’s school fees, feedings, and other needs.

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