May 28, 2024

In a visionary move towards socio-economic transformation, Chief Benedict Akika, the esteemed Agbaakin Olorundaaba and Mayegun of Akobo, is expediting efforts to empower a group of enthusiastic youths who recently completed a specialized training program in baking and pastries facilitated by his dynamic NGO, Omituntun Benedict Forum, in November 2023.

Chief Akika, recognizing the pivotal role of skill acquisition in fostering job security, collaborated with Kiitan and Pastries Company to provide extensive training.

His disdain for idle youth served as the catalyst for this program, aimed at fortifying job security in Oyo State and providing tangible solutions to the unemployment crisis.

In an exclusive statement, Chief Akika emphasized his overarching vision, stating, “The plan is not just to impart skills but to create lasting opportunities for the youth, alleviating poverty and establishing reliable means of livelihood for the broader community.”

Following the successful completion of the training, Chief Agbaakin is now taking swift action to expedite the empowerment phase.

The philanthropist is set to infuse the baking and pastries business ventures of these trained youths with both financial support and essential equipment.

The accelerated nature of this empowerment initiative underscores Chief Akika’s commitment to prompt and tangible impact, with a clear objective of propelling the beneficiaries into self-sufficiency at the earliest possible time.

This timely empowerment initiative is poised not only to catalyze the personal and financial growth of the beneficiaries but also to make a substantial contribution to poverty reduction and unemployment alleviation in Oyo State.

Chief Benedict Akika’s dedication to fostering positive change in Oyo state continues to yield tangible results, with this initiative standing as another testament to his enduring legacy of transformative philanthropy.

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