May 28, 2024

Oyo State PDP Media Team has responded to the recent allegations made by the embattled Oyo State APC PRO, Wasiu Sadare against Governor Seyi Makinde.

In a scathing response to the unfounded accusations and attempts to shift blame, the PDP emphasizes the irony of the APC’s demand for Governor Makinde to take responsibility for personal failures. It is the APC, with its track record of failed promises and empty governance, that should be held accountable for the economic mismanagement and lack of tangible progress in Oyo State.

Addressing the APC’s claim that Governor Makinde blamed the worsening economic situation on the federal government’s removal of fuel subsidy, we clarify that the governor merely pointed out the hasty implementation and untimely nature of the decision. Governor Makinde is not deflecting blame but expressing concern for citizens who bear the brunt of poorly executed policies.

The PDP highlights the APC’s shortcomings, accusing the party of contributing to the economic downturn in Oyo State. Despite receiving substantial federal allocations, internally generated revenue, loans, and grants, the APC has presided over 55 months of economic stagnation, with the people of Oyo State yet to see any meaningful development.

Regarding allegations of mismanagement of petroleum resources, we question the sincerity of the APC’s concern for the people. It is laughable that the APC attempts to portray itself as a champion of economic prudence when its leaders are embroiled in corruption scandals. We call for a comprehensive investigation into the APC’s handling of funds at both the state and federal levels.

The PDP exposes the actual causes of poverty in Oyo State, attributing it to the APC-led administration’s failure to empower local governments, create employment opportunities, and effectively utilize available resources. Governor Makinde inherited a state plagued by neglect and mismanagement from the APC and has been diligently working to reverse the damage.

On the issue of commerce and agriculture, the PDP clarifies that Governor Makinde has been actively pursuing initiatives to revitalize these sectors, contrary to the APC’s misleading claims. The APC’s criticism lacks substance and is merely an attempt to distract from its shortcomings.

In conclusion, the Oyo State PDP calls on the public to see through the APC’s smoke and mirrors, urging Nigerians to judge based on tangible results. We emphasize the need for collaborative efforts to address economic challenges and reiterate Governor Makinde’s commitment to steering Oyo State toward genuine progress.


Oyo State PDP Media Team.

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