June 20, 2024

The contentious battle on who the real Iyaloja General of Oyo State is has raged for period of time, with two personalities laying claim to the covetous title, with each camp waiting anxiously on what the final pronouncement of the Oyo State governor will be, the consenting authority on who wears the crown ultimately.

Yes, it has been one camp against the other, coming up with eloquent factors that justify being deserving of the traders’ apex title. In any case, the camp of princess Folashade Abeo Nurudeen has been more outward, leaping from one conviction to another on why she is the most deserving.

The streaks of philanthropic activities of Chief (Mrs) Folashade Abeo have invariably added to other poignant factors that have encapsulated the atmosphere, even beyond the circle of the traders body, in such enigmatic style, conspicuously place her on the front burner.

From being a strong promoter of culture and tradition, which has attracted numerous meritorious awards, within and even outside the shores of Nigeria, Folashade Abeo has kept in successive streaks one philanthropic gestures after another to broad classes of people, with traders being given topmost priority.

It is no longer news that, in awesome demonstration of uncommon support for the government of Governor Seyi Makiinde (FNSE), the Traders empowerment scheme embarked upon by Abeo has provided succor to number of traders, beneficiaries under the strangulating economic quagmire that the nation was plunged into.

Pushing forward the infallible posture for being the better qualified person for the Traders title, Iyaloja General of Oyo State, the Oyo princess has repeatedly shown how, in the past, she had been bestowed  and installed the title in the presence of notable traditional monarchs in Oyo State, accentuated by photographs taken at the event. It was the same and similar installation performed for the present “Babaloja General counterpart. Princess Folashade consequently justifies her authenticity from this background.

In furtherance, Abeo’s camp has posited that having a respected Ibadan personality as the Babaloja General is just an accentuation to the Iyaloja General coming from another zone of the state, in the principle of equity and fairness that upholds equitable distribution of power and positions.

Abeo has demonstrated uncommon zeal and capacity to lead the market traders in Oyo State, with such coordinating skills and vision that there is no doubting her capacity to handle the position in the best interest of traders.

‘Iyaloja General’ has continued unabated the magnetic effect of philanthropy in various areas of human endeavour, she has donated 500 bags of cement to infrastructural work at the Oyo State NYSC orientation camp in Iseyin. The project greatly assisted the needy and the downtrodden, promoted youth employment and empowerment and indulged in other empowerment for people of broad classes.

Iyaloja General, during the just concluded “Miss Oyo State Beauty pageant”, organized by the ace broadcaster, Mayor Isaac brown, donated cash awards to all the participants, which has practically shown the degree of support for women empowerment and programmes and made enormous positive contributions to numerous projects within Oyo state principally.

Folashade Abeo has convinced the most cynical, hence the positive effect of being the Iyaloja General will bring to the government of Engr. Oluseyi  Makinde, which she passionately love and wish to emulate in areas of putting smiles on the faces of the oppressed. Her international exposure, social status, academic background and high intelligent quotient are those virtues, which have given that assurances that she is indeed deserving of the covetous position.

The rich knowledge of political happenings and people will, no doubt, add feathers to the cap of Chief Folashade Abeo Nurudeen as the substantive Iyaloja General, when eventually sorted out, Abeo will just avail the advantage positively to the benefit of Oyo Traders multiple Associations, in number of ways lucidly imagined.

The calls have been deafening, the body language of preponderant of Oyo Traders have been in support of Chief Folashade Abeo, who has kept triumphantly plugging on, defying all odds by the opposing camp, the Iyaloja has defeated the attempt at placing her at loggerhead against the Governor by wicked designs, rather, she has chosen to identify and support wholeheartedly the policies and programmes of Governor Makinde and his people.

While everyone looks forward to the ultimate pronouncement from the Governor, Chief (Mrs) Folashade Abeo Nurudeen has continued to discharge, in chagrin manner, the duties and responsibilities of Iyaloja General, dispensing resources in altruistic manner and virtues worthy of the exalted position.

I won’t forget to mention that the she has been able to bring traders together through her structure. From markets to town, through to the local governments, making all come in one umbrella as market traders irrespective of which cluster they belong.

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