June 20, 2024

There seems to be an end to land grabbing issue in Oyo State as public hearing on land protection bill, 2023 was held today at the House of Chiefs, Oyo State Parliament building.

Many people from all works of life were in attendance to submit their inputs and amendment to the bill.

The Chairman House Committee on Lands and Housing, Hon. Dele Adeola in his opening remark said he was excited to welcome all distinguished guests and personalities that graced the occasion.

“It is important to state that there is existing law in the State to curb the incident of land grabbing which is the Real Properties Protection Law, 2016 passed by Oyo State House of Assembly in 2016.

With the implementation of the Law under reference by Governor Makinde led administration, it was discovered that the Law was defective and could not achieve the purpose of curbing land grabbing activities in the state.

Hence, the Government decided to bring and initiate new bill tagged: Oyo State Real Properties Protection Bill, 2023.

“The new bill is all encompassing and really addressing all grey areas that needed to be addressed. It seeks to do among other things; repealing the existing Law and creating a functioning Agency under the Governor’s Office for proper monitoring and financing to get an appreciable result.

In her words, Rtd. Hon. Justice Aiki while submitting her amendment proposal, commended the Oyo State House of Assembly and the Executive Governor of Oyo State for deeming it fit to nib in the bud the activities of land grabbers in the state through the instrumentality of law which has culminated into the drafting of this important bill.

The representatives of the Commissioner of Police and DG Operation Burst, also submitted their inputs and they all recommended that there should be synergy between the statutory law enforcement agencies and the taskforce in the discharge of duties while the power to detain a suspect should exclusively be reserved for the national law enforcement agencies.

In his words, Aseyin of Iseyinland, Oba Sefiu Oyebola III, said he would recommend that the bill should be amended to ensure that there are checks and balances so as to prevent unnecessary abuse of powers by the law enforcement agencies.

He also suggested that there should be autonomy for the agency in order to aid smooth running its establishment.

Among people in attendance were traditional rulers which included Iba Kishi of Kishi Land, Eleruwa of Eruwa and Aseyin of Iseyin among other stakeholders.

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