July 15, 2024

In a heartwarming reunion, the Methodist Grammar School Bodija, Ibadan 2002/2003 set gathered yesterday 16th December, 2023, to celebrate the remarkable milestone of 20 years since their graduation from secondary school.

The annual event, held at Waterfield Hotel and suites in Akobo, Ibadan, took on a special significance this year, marking two decades of shared experiences and memories.

Alumni from the 2002/2003 set flocked to Ibadan from various parts of the state, adding to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. The event, characterized by unity and nostalgia, provided a platform for former classmates to reminisce about their formative years in secondary school.

The celebration took a poignant turn as attendees observed a minute of silence to honor the memory of departed schoolmates and teachers. The solemn moment served as a heartfelt tribute to those who had left an indelible mark on the lives of the graduating class.

A highlight of the gathering was the presentation of awards to deserving individuals.

Israel Owolabi received a humanitarian award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the community.

Mr. Onifade, the mathematics teacher from their school days, was also honored with an award for his dedication to shaping the academic paths of the students.

In a touching gesture, Mrs. Jeyifo posthumously received an award for her tremendous efforts in molding the students during their time at Methodist Grammar School. Her legacy lived on through the recognition of her impactful role in the formative years of the 2002/2003 set.

The event, filled with laughter, shared stories, and heartfelt moments, left a lasting impression on the attendees.

As they celebrated two decades of friendship and growth, the Methodist Grammar School Bodija, Ibadan 2002/2003 set proved that the bonds formed during their secondary school years were enduring and cherished.

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