July 16, 2024

Mayegun of Akobo, and Agbaakin Olorundaaba Aba, Chief Benedict Akika, took center stage at the OMI NYIGEDE ASSOCIATION WOMEN’S WING 2023 End of the Year Thanksgiving Service & Party.

Held at the Jesus Clinte Assemblies of God Church in Ido Local Government, this annual event has become a hallmark of celebration, gratitude, and community togetherness.

The festivities were elevated by the presence of Chief Benedict Akika, a renowned philanthropist with a passion for uplifting his community.

As the event unfolded, Chief Akika seized the opportunity to make a significant impact by empowering 10 women with financial support.

His commitment to community welfare didn’t end there; he also promised a more extensive empowerment initiative in the future, underscoring his dedication to the well-being and progress of the women within the community.

Known for his detribalized stance and inclusive approach to community development, Chief Akika expressed that his support transcends religious and tribal boundaries.

In a heartfelt address to the Igede community, he assured them of his continuous assistance, especially as they approach the upcoming farming year, recognizing farming as a vital way of life within the community.

The event was a convergence of influential personalities, showcasing the vibrant spirit of the Igede community.

Among the distinguished guests were Chief Monday Onda Ehir, the esteemed King of the Igede community in Oyo State, Chief Agaba Mathew, Chief Agaha Solomon, Chief Otor Okereke, Comrade Simon Ochete (Youth President), Stephen Otor (Patron), Hon. Mary Okiri Ajaja (Women Leader), Mrs Vivian Igire(General Secretary)Mrs. Elizabeth Ogor (Treasurer), Mrs. Comfort Onyada (Financial Secretary), Mrs. Blessing Agbo (Chair Olua), and Mrs. Juliet Ogagi.

As the OMI NYIGEDE ASSOCIATION WOMEN’S WING continues to uphold its cherished tradition of gratitude and celebration, Chief Benedict Akika’s benevolent gestures stand as a shining example of the spirit of community and unity.

The positive impact on the lives of the women who were part of this remarkable event resonates far beyond the festivities, leaving an enduring mark on the community’s collective memory.

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