July 16, 2024

Hon. Kazeem Adewale Oshoniyi, the former Caretaker Chairman of Aare Latoosa LCDA, expressed commendation for Governor Seyi Makinde’s decision to appoint a promising youth, Hon. Oyekunle Folajimi Don, as Deputy Chief of Staff.

The move is seen as a fulfillment of Governor Makinde’s pre-election promise to reward local government areas with significant support.

Hon. Oshoniyi, a respected developmental economist, hailed Governor Makinde as a “promise keeper” and applauded his commitment to recognizing merit in governance. Describing the governor as an uncommon leader with the intellectual prowess to select the best candidates for crucial roles, Oshoniyi emphasized the positive impact on Ibadan North Local Government.

Governor Seyi Makinde had pledged to reward local governments with the highest votes, and the recent appointment of Hon. Oyekunle Folajimi Don from Ibadan North Local Government attests to the governor’s dedication to fulfilling promises.

“Governor Makinde is truly making the most populous local government in Oyo State happy ” Oshoniyi said.

Expressing gratitude, Hon. Oshoniyi extended appreciation to Hon. Seye Famojuro for his continuous support and love for the people. He acknowledged Famojuro’s leadership qualities and pledged ongoing respect for his contributions to the community.

In a final note, Hon. Kazeem Adewale Oshoniyi congratulated Hon. Oyekunle Folajimi Don on his recent appointment, offering prayers for wisdom and understanding in executing his responsibilities as Deputy Chief of Staff.

The positive reception of the appointment reflects optimism for continued growth and development under Governor Seyi Makinde’s leadership.

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