February 27, 2024

Hon. Abiola Sunday, popularly known as Shomolu, the dedicated Councillor representing Ward 11 in Ibadan North Local Government, has extended his congratulations to the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ibadan North, Hon. Seun Adelore, for the attainment of an LLB degree from the esteemed LeadCity University.

Describing Hon. Seun Adelore as a highly cerebral individual who leads with unwavering passion, Councilor Shomolu commended the PDP Chairman for his exceptional leadership style within Ibadan North Local Government.

“Hon. Seun Adelore’s success is not just a personal triumph but a blessing to the entire Ibadan North Local Government. His passion and intellect make him an outstanding leader,” remarked Councilor Shomolu.

Acknowledging the achievement as a significant milestone, Councilor Shomolu highlighted the prestige associated with LeadCity University and expressed confidence that Hon. Adelore’s academic accomplishment would further enhance his capacity for effective leadership.

The celebration of Hon. Seun Adelore’s academic success not only underscores his commitment to personal growth but also reflects positively on the leadership landscape of Ibadan North Local Government, according to Councilor Shomolu.

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