July 16, 2024

Bibire Political Movement (BPM) expressed deep sorrow over the passing of one of its esteemed members, Oyebanji Yemisi Kabira. The news was confirmed by Oguniyi Amodu, widely known as HOD, a prominent figure within the BPM.

Oguniyi Amodu, speaking on behalf of the political movement, described Yemisi as not only an essential member of BPM but also a dedicated member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from Ward 7, Ibadan North Local Government. Her demise follows a prolonged battle with illness.

Expressing the pain felt by the group, Oguniyi Amodu revealed that BPM had spared no effort in attempting to ensure Yemisi’s recovery.

However, he acknowledged that, in accordance with divine will, she succumbed to the illness. Oguniyi Amodu offered heartfelt prayers for Yemisi’s soul, expressing hope for her peaceful rest and invoking blessings from Allah for her eternal abode in Aljana Firdaus.

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