June 20, 2024

A notorious blogger in Oyo state named Naija Today has received a strong warning from the Oyo Indigene Forum, a forum of young people in Oyo state, for bringing the reputation of their esteemed organisation into disrepute by his fraudulent activities.

In a statement made available to newsmen in Ibadan on Saturday, the group expressed surprise at the way Tunji Fabode, the publisher of Naija Today, was using the group’s name to disparage well-known figures in the state, uncovering his covert scheme to exploit people out of cash.

Recall that the notorious blogger of Naija Today had last week publicly dragged the name of one Iyaloja General of Oyo state, Princess Abeo nurudeen, into the mud in which a legal action was threatened against him and was asked to tender an apology within 7-days.

The statement, which was signed by the spokesman of the organisation, said that it had repeatedly discovered the dubious Oyo blogger’s fraudulent actions, which involved discrediting well-known individuals in order to defraud them of their money.

According to the spokesman, this Naija Today publisher, who had once worked with Princess Abeo as her media aide during the Iyaloja struggle, was accused of defrauding a close associate of Princess Abeo of N1,200 million before being banished for his fraudulent activities.

He equally recalled how he was also banished from House of Assembly when he came up with a blatant lies against the deputy speaker of House of Assembly as well his eviction from PDP groups and GSM advocate among others due to his nefarious attitude and fraudulent activities.

The spokesperson wondered why the contentious blogger would try to use lies and mudslinging to pitch Princess Folashade Abeo, the Iyaloja general of Oyo state, against the governor of Oyo state in order to support his own candidate.

“We are prepared to take a harsh sanction against him since we strongly oppose his dishonest and questionable deed of smearing and assassinating people’s character with our esteemed group name.

“To emphasise once more, no honourable Ibadan native would use blackmail or disparage others, let alone a philanthropist like Princess Abeo whose impact is felt in the society.

“There are reliable reports that Rahmon Alawode, also known as Asoodu Odo, is Princess Abeo’s chief press secretary. Why would he also try to use the deputy governor’s name in his pathetic defence and lies is a mystery.

“Therefore, we are giving the fraudster blogger a 72-hour ultimatum to retract his step and tender his unreserved apology to the group for using the group name to defame individuals for his own personal gain and dragging it into the mud,” the statement said.

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