March 3, 2024

Engr. Akeem Olatunji, the Chairmanship Candidate for Oluyole Local Government, extends warm congratulations to Chief Benedict Akika and his wife, Chief Mrs. Abidemi, Honourable Owolabi Olusola Adewale, and Akeem Amoo (popularly known as Omo Poly) on their recent conferments of prestigious chieftaincy titles.

In an official statement released to the press in Ibadan, Engr. Akeem Olatunji describes Chief Benedict Akika and Chief Mrs. Abidemi Akika as exceptional humanitarians. He commends their unwavering dedication to creating a better society through their philanthropic endeavors and genuine concern for others. Engr. Olatunji recognizes the transformative impact they have made on various communities in Oyo State through their selfless acts of kindness.

The conferment of these prestigious titles upon Chief Benedict Akika and Chief Mrs. Abidemi Akika is a testament to their remarkable commitment to humanitarian causes and community development. Their tireless efforts and philanthropy have positively influenced the lives of countless individuals in Ibadan.

Chief Benedict Akika, also known as the Agbaakin of Olounda-Abba in Lagelu Local Government, has established himself as a highly respected humanitarian. Together with his beloved wife, they have spearheaded numerous philanthropic projects, resulting in transformative physical infrastructure and empowering opportunities for the youth in Ibadan.

Engr. Akeem Olatunji also extends his heartfelt congratulations to Honourable Owolabi Olusola Adewale, the esteemed lawmaker representing Ibadan North East II State constituency. Honourable Olusola Adewale who was also bestowed with the revered title of Balogun Of Akobo Oju-Irin, recognizing his unwavering commitment to serving the people of Oyo State and solidifying his position as a respected figure in the region.

Additionally, Engr. Akeem Olatunji acknowledges and congratulates Akeem Amoo, widely known as Omo Poly, who was honored with the title of Ekefa Baale Akobo Oju-Irin. Adding that the recognition reflects Amoo’s significant contributions to society and his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Engr. Akeem Olatunji expresses his heartfelt prayers for the continued strength and guidance of Chief Benedict Akika, Chief Mrs. Abidemi Akika, Honourable Owolabi Olusola Adewale, and Akeem Amoo as they continue to bring joy and positive change to those in need. Their selfless actions serve as an inspiration, reaffirming the power of compassion and community development.

This momentous occasion highlights the exceptional contributions of these four individuals to the growth and development of their communities. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others are truly commendable, serving as role models for others to emulate.

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