February 22, 2024

In a heartwarming and celebratory gesture, the Deputy Speaker of Oyo State House of assembly, Hon. Abiodun Muhammed Fadeyi, extended his warm congratulations to the esteemed humanist and dedicated philanthropist, Engineer Dotun Sanusi, as he reached the milestone of his 55th year on this planet.

Deputy Speaker Fadeyi’s words were filled with admiration as he described Engineer Dotun Sanusi as a true “man of the people,” who consistently endeavors to give back to the community by extending the hand of upliftment.

In a world where acts of kindness and generosity are increasingly treasured, the tireless efforts of Engineer Dotun Sanusi have not gone unnoticed.

Hon. Abiodun Muhammed Fadeyi emphasized the profound impact that Engineer Dotun Sanusi has had on Oyo State and its residents, highlighting the state’s great fortune in having such a dedicated and compassionate individual among its citizens.

The Deputy Speaker conveyed his heartfelt wishes for endless blessings from God upon the philanthropist and offered fervent prayers for his continued journey through life, filled with meaning and prosperity.

“As Oyo State continues to benefit from the generosity and goodwill of exceptional individuals like Engineer Dotun Sanusi, it serves as a reminder that the spirit of community and giving back thrives in the heart of Nigeria. Happy 55th birthday to a man of numerous impactful contributions,” he concluded.

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