February 22, 2024

Hon. Olajide Adedeji Odidomo, Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on ICT and Cybercrime, is among the distinguished world leaders participating in the highly anticipated 2023 SuperBridge Summit in Dubai. The two-day event, running from October 16th to 18th, is being held at the prestigious Museum of the Future, adjacent to the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The SuperBridge Summit Dubai, a non-political global platform, is dedicated to bridging generational and cultural gaps, connecting the past with the future, and uniting regions from the north to the south and the east to the west. This summit serves as an inspiration for the development of new strategies to ensure a thriving future for upcoming generations.

Under the overarching theme “Bridging the Gap of a New Global Economy,” this year’s summit explores four key themes that are critical to global progress:

  1. Connectivity and Communication:Delving into how the world connects in the digital age.
  2. Resource Sustainability and Environmental Preservation: Focusing on strategies to safeguard our planet.
  3. Quality of Life:Addressing how humanity can enhance and improve their way of living.
  4. Investing in a Better Future: Discussing investment opportunities and strategies for the future.

The interactive sessions at the SuperBridge Summit will cover a wide range of trending topics, including the AI revolution, advancements in urban living, cross-border asset allocation, sustainable tourism and mobility, the evolving energy landscape, digital assets, Web 3.0, and more.

Hon. Adedeji, who represents the Ibadan North West/South West constituency in the lower chamber of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, expressed his commitment to attracting investment to Nigeria and creating opportunities for the country’s younger generation. He emphasized the significance of such summits and seminars for business networking and personal development, especially for younger generations and business owners.

The 2023 SuperBridge Summit in Dubai is not only an event that unites global leaders but also a unique opportunity to shape the future, bridge gaps, and inspire innovative strategies to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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