February 28, 2024

Oyo State lawmaker, Hon. Olorunpoto Rahaman, representing the Oyo-East/West State Constituency, has joined well-wishers in celebrating the birth anniversary of seasoned entrepreneur Chief Yinka Afonja, Chairman of Ace Supermarket Nigeria Limited.

In his congratulatory message, Olorunpoto highlighted Afonja’s role as a prominent business tycoon, bringing his business closer to the people at affordable rates. He emphasized that Chief Yinka Afonja’s entrepreneurial spirit has significantly contributed to the economy of Oyo State.

Olorunpoto expressed his joy in celebrating an accomplished individual, a problem solver whose instincts have aided Nigerian young graduates in their pursuit of employment opportunities.

“With a commitment to quality and excellent service delivery, Ace Mall has recently expanded its presence by opening its 11th outlet in Iseyin township of Oyo State, reaching numerous Yoruba cities. Uncle Yinka has not only assisted the government but also served the community by providing jobs for countless youths, demonstrating his dedication to serving people from various economic backgrounds,” Olorunpoto stated.

“Beyond mere words, Uncle Yinka’s significant contributions to Oyo State’s economy are evident through the establishment of multiple mall outlets, extending from Oyo township to other regions. This is a commendable achievement, spanning both Northern and Southwestern states.”

Olorunpoto encouraged his fellow constituents to follow in Uncle Yinka Afonja’s entrepreneurial footsteps, which have made a positive impact across the country. He also urged political leaders to create opportunities for entrepreneurship to flourish.

“Your entrepreneurial acumen and innovative thinking are truly impressive. I foresee great success ahead for you, and I hope your birthday marks the beginning of even greater accomplishments. Don’t forget to celebrate this special day! Happy birthday!

Once again, congratulations on your birthday, especially in the realm of business. Your profound insights and bold decisions are truly remarkable. May you continue to excel. Best of luck and happy birthday!

Olorunpoto concluded by wishing the celebrant even greater achievements in his service to humanity.

Hon. Olorunpoto Rahaman Cephas
Member of the Oyo State House of Assembly
Representing Oyo East/West State Constituency.

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