February 22, 2024

The Executive Chairman of Oyo State Road Maintenance Agency (OYSROMA), Hon. Busoye Ogunlade, extends his heartfelt felicitations to his father, Chief Sunday Ogunlade, on the occasion of his 82nd birthday.

In his message, Hon. Ogunlade describes his father, Chief Sunday Ogunlade, as not just a biological father but a true embodiment of fatherhood.

“Some are fathers merely by biology, while others earn the title by their actions. You, Dad, are the epitome of fatherhood, exemplifying care, compassion, and love for all.

You are a father because you are indispensable, an inspiration, and excel in all aspects of life. You stand tall where others sit, are outstanding where others stand, and set the standard where others excel.

You are the shining example of our family, and I’m immensely inspired by your incredible achievements, starting from humble beginnings. Your name is synonymous with success in our country’s history.

Your passion and determination have always been remarkable, and I’m honored to call you my father. Having a true hero like you as a Dad is an immense joy and divine blessing.

You are the secret behind my achievements and a guiding pillar not only in my life but also in the lives of countless others you father.

You are our first hero, our champion, our benefactor, our friend, our hope, our mentor, our inspiration, our light, our guide, and indeed, our everything.

We cannot thank God enough for blessing us with such an extraordinary father, a father of all fathers. You’ve always set the best example for us, and we are immensely proud of you.

On this special day, I join our family and the world in celebrating you, Dad. Wishing you a long, healthy, prosperous, and happy life.

Happy 82nd Birthday, Chief Sunday Ogunlade.”

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