February 23, 2024

Hon. Prince Olaide Lateef Mohammed (a.k.a Polam), the Member of the federal House of Representatives representing Irepo/Oorelope/Olorunsogo Federal Constituency, has urged his esteemed constituents, stakeholders, APC leaders, party members, and cherished supporters to remain calm. He noted that the appeal court case filed by Hon. Olumide Ojerinde will likely be dismissed.

Hon. Prince Lateef Mohammed reaffirmed his commitment to the development and betterment of his constituency, regardless of any legal proceedings that may unfold. He called on Hon. Olumide Ojerinde to embrace sportsmanship and refrain from wasting precious time on the tribunal case that has already confirmed his victory.

The statement reads in part:

I would like to address the recent concerns circulating regarding the appeal filed by Hon. Olumide Ojerinde of the Accord Party (popularly known as Omo Oloore) to contest the judgment handed down by the Election Tribunal on September 6th, 2023.

He seeks to have the court set aside the tribunal’s judgment and declare him the winner of the February 25, 2023, National Assembly election.

“It is not surprising that an individual who secured the 3rd position in the last election, with 9,202 votes, is challenging the victory of the leading candidate who received 15,481 votes. However, I urge you all not to be unduly perturbed.

“As the Yoruba adage wisely puts it: ‘Eni ti oro ejo laaro, to je bi; o ro ejo losan o jebi, ejo kilo fe ro lale,’ which translates to ‘Someone who lost a case in the morning, drags it to the afternoon and still loses; what surprising outcome does he expect at night?’ We are confident in our victory at the Appeal Court,” he said.

“Challenging my victory is not a problem at all; however, what concerns me more is the wasting of valuable judicial time and resources that could be better utilized for the benefit of our Federal Constituency. In moments like these, it is essential for all of us to exhibit grace in both victory and defeat. We must uphold the principles of sportsmanship and respect the democratic process.

“I call upon all dignitaries and members of our constituency to remain calm and undisturbed. Let us join hands and work towards the betterment and transformation of our Federal Constituency. Let us focus our energies on the common good and the progress of our beloved constituency, irrespective of the legal proceedings that may unfold.

“Your unflinching support has been the driving force behind our journey, and I have every confidence that together, we will continue to advance our constituency’s interests. Thank you for your trust, and let us move forward with determination and unity.

Hon. Prince Olaide Lateef Mohammed (Polam)
Member, House of Representatives
Irepo/Orelope/Olorunsogo Federal Constituency
National Assembly”

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