July 16, 2024

In a world where breaking barriers and challenging norms is essential for progress, Seyi Makinde, the Governor of Oyo State, has emerged as a remarkable leader who has propelled his state into the global arena. With his visionary approach and relentless determination, Makinde has not only transformed Oyo State but has also shattered preconceived notions about what is possible.

Governor Seyi Makinde, a man of the people, epitomizes the qualities of a true statesmanship character. His extensive experience abroad, where he achieved numerous accomplishments, contributed to his profound understanding of the invaluable and bountiful advantages that the global community can offer his beloved Pacesetter State, Oyo State.

Indeed, one of the most striking highlights of Governor Makinde’s administration is its proactive engagement in international affairs. The man ceaselessly leverage his enviable reputation, both at home and abroad, to thrust Oyo State into the international limelight full of stardom. This deliberate, purposeful and intentional effort has forged partnerships with far-reaching advancement for the state’s sustainable growth and development towards lifting the people out of Poverty to Prosperity and wealth creation.

From the moment Makinde assumed office, he made it clear that Oyo State would no longer be confined by limitations. Recognizing the potential within the state, he embarked on a journey to break barriers and open doors to new opportunities. His commitment to good governance, transparency, and accountability has laid a solid foundation for the remarkable transformation that has taken place.

His international visits have been instrumental in positioning, repositioning Oyo State for global recognition, Honour and collaboration. Governor Makinde, as the foremost representative of Oyo State, takes immense pride in proudly waving the vibrant white-circled Oyo State flag, both within Nigeria and on the global sphere.

One of the key areas where Makinde has made significant strides is in infrastructure development. Understanding that infrastructure is the backbone of economic growth, he has prioritized the modernization and expansion of roads, bridges, and public transportation systems. This investment has not only improved connectivity within the state but has also attracted foreign investors, positioning Oyo State as a viable destination for business and commerce.

Now, let’s delve through five compelling case studies that illuminate how the Peoples’ Governor masterfully navigates opportunities, whether on American soil, European landscapes, the far reaches of Asia, or from the confines of his own state, to propel Oyo State into the global community.

Seyi Makinde at the Nigerian-American Business Forum holding in Tampa, Florida

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, Nigeria, attended the Nigerian-American Business Forum held in Tampa, Florida, in March 2020. He spoke on the topic: “Improving Nigeria’s Economy: Challenges and Opportunities…The Oyo State Journey”.

In his speech, Governor Makinde called on American investors to consider investing in Oyo State, citing its advantages, including a large and growing population, a strategic location in the heart of Nigeria, a stable political and economic environment, and a well-educated skilled workforce.

He has also highlighted key sectors in Oyo State ripe for investment, including agriculture, tourism, education, and healthcare.

The Governor assured potential investors that his administration is committed to providing them with the support they need to succeed. He also invited them to participate in the Oyo State Agribusiness Forum, held in Ibadan on March 30, 2020.

Gov. Seyi Makinde in Israel

During his visit to Israel in June 2022, the Governor of Oyo State signed a cooperation agreement with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to develop an agribusiness knowledge economy. This agreement will create opportunities for collaboration in research, education, and innovation in agriculture and food security.

Under the agreement, the Hebrew University will provide Oyo State with access to its expertise in agriculture, food science, and technology. The university will also offer scholarships to Oyo State students to study at the Hebrew University.

The agreement signifies the growing relationship between Israel and Africa, exploring new areas of cooperation that will benefit the people of both continents. Expected initiatives include a joint research project on sustainable agriculture in Oyo State, a training program for Oyo State farmers and agricultural workers, and a scholarship program for Oyo State students to study at the Hebrew University.

Seyi Makinde at the Oyo International Business Summit 2023

Governor Seyi Makinde’s astute leadership was on full display when he led an active delegation from Oyo State to an investment forum in London in May 2023. The summit was attended by over 500 business leaders from around the world, providing a platform for Oyo State to showcase its investment opportunities.

At the summit, the Peoples’ Governor utilized his persuasive presentation skills and comprehensive understanding of the state’s investment potential to attract numerous foreign investors. He announced several new initiatives, including a new investment promotion agency and a new industrial park. He also signed several MOUs with foreign investors.

The result? Oyo State received substantial foreign investments, translating into job opportunities and economic growth, leading to a significant rise in the working-class population of Oyo State.

Seyi Makinde at the 2023 US Open finals at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City

Accompanied by his daughter, Feyi, and close associates, Seyi Makinde attended the 2023 US Open finals at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. Makinde’s presence at the US Open finals reflects his interest in promoting sports and recreation in Oyo State. The governor has previously invested in the development of sports facilities in the state and has supported the state’s athletes.

Despite mild criticism of his attendance, Governor Makinde replied to his critics by saying, “What stops Oyo State from producing our own Coco Gauff?” His commitment to the state’s development remains unwavering, even while living out his personal life. He believes that Oyo State can replicate the successes he has seen outside the country, right at home.

Seyi Makinde at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City in September 2023**

Seyi Makinde attended the 2023 UNGA as part of the delegation led by President Bola Tinubu.

Governor Makinde’s attendance at the UN General Assembly was a valuable opportunity for him to advocate for the interests of Oyo State and promote investment in the state. It also provided a platform for him to learn from other world leaders and share his experiences in governing a complex and diverse state like the Pace Setter state.

He spoke at a number of events, including a roundtable discussion on the role of subnational governments in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

On a final note, as I conclude, these are just a few examples of how My Effulgent Leader Pragmatic Action Educationist Inspirational Revolutionary Missionary Master His Excellency Engr Sir Dsc GSSRS KJW Abiodun Seyi Makinde FNSE has navigated and continues to navigate opportunities for Oyo State in the global community. His unrelenting efforts and expertise are helping make Oyo State a more attractive place for foreign investment and collaboration. He is a man of vision with passion, conviction to putting the interest of the people first and determination, committed to making Oyo State a better place for all and Sundry.

Governor Makinde’s efforts to attract foreign investment via investors that are financial and promote Oyo State abroad are paying off. Oyo State is now attracting more foreign investment than ever before, and its reputation in the Global Community is becoming a gold standard for other states in Nigeria.

However, Makinde’s journey of breaking barriers and propelling Oyo State into the global arena is far from over. Despite the remarkable progress made, challenges remain, and there is still much work to be done. Makinde’s commitment to inclusive governance and his ability to inspire others to join him in his vision will be crucial in ensuring that Oyo State continues its upward trajectory.

Seyi Makinde’s remarkable journey of breaking barriers and leading Oyo State into the global arena serves as an inspiration to leaders around the world. His unwavering determination, visionary approach, and commitment to good governance have transformed Oyo State into a beacon of progress and opportunity. As the state continues to thrive under his leadership, it is clear that Makinde’s remarkable journey is far from over, and the world eagerly watches as Oyo State takes its place on the global stage.

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