February 27, 2024

On a day of double celebration, Aderibigbe Yisahu Ajibola, the Chief Executive Officer of Ajipson Tech Services Ventures and the Publisher of the renowned online news platform, Thepopulistnews.com, not only celebrated Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day but also his beloved mother’s birthday, Alhaja Aderibigbe Muibat.

The unique coincidence of his mother’s birthday falling on the same day as Nigeria’s Independence Day added a special layer of significance to the occasion.

Aderibigbe Yisahu Ajibola affectionately referred to his mother as “Mama Nigeria,” highlighting her nurturing nature and her role as a symbol of care and love in his life.

Aderibigbe Yisahu Ajibola took a moment to reflect on the profound impact his mother has had on his life and the nation.

He described her as “the best mother on earth,” underscoring the deep bond they share.

In a heartfelt tribute posted on social media, Aderibigbe Yisahu Ajibola wrote, “Today, as we celebrate Nigeria’s Independence, I also celebrate the independence of my heart—the day my remarkable mother, Alhaja Aderibigbe Muibat, was born.

She is not just my mother; she is ‘Mama Nigeria’ to me, a caring mother whose love knows no bounds. She is indeed the best mother on earth, and I’m grateful for her love, wisdom, and support.”

This dual celebration serves as a reminder that beyond the realm of business and work, the bonds of family and love continue to be a source of inspiration and strength.

As Nigeria marked another year of independence, Aderibigbe Yisahu Ajibola’s tribute to his mother resonates with the sentiments of unity, love, and appreciation for the nation and the values that make it strong.

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