June 20, 2024

The Executive Chairman of Ona Ara Local Government, Dr. Kolapo Temitope GLORIOUS, has officially inaugurated the newly elected councillors of Ona Ara Local Government.

In a significant development during the inaugural session, Hon. Abolade Yerima, representing Ward 9, was nominated by Hon. Akeem Olalere of Ward 8 and unanimously elected as the Leader of the House by the councillors.

Ona Ara House Leader, Hon. Abolade Yerima

Additionally, Hon. Taiwo Dauda, representing Ward 3, was unanimously elected as the Deputy House Leader.

Dr. GLORIOUS congratulated the newly inaugurated councillors and expressed confidence in their ability to serve the community with dedication and integrity. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving the goals of the local government and improving the welfare of the residents.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Vice Chairman, Hon. Windapo Oluwole, various dignitaries, local government officials, party leaders, and community members, who all expressed their support for the new leadership team.

Dr. GLORIOUS concluded the event by urging the councillors to uphold the principles of good governance and to prioritize the needs of the people of Ona Ara Local Government.

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