May 28, 2024

Hon. Wahab Waliu Adetunji Wabkem, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chairmanship Candidate in Atiba local government, of fame, Oyo, has joined thousands of well-wishers to celebrate Oyo Deputy Governor, Barrister Bayo Lawal on the occasion of his birthday anniversary.

The frontline chairmanship candidate in a statement released and made available to Heritage Echo News lauded the celebrant for his spirit of compassion, exemplary leadership, and pillar of support to the executive Governor of Oyo State, Engr Seyi Makinde.

He hailed Barrister Bayo Lawal for good disposition to the first citizen of the state, which portrays absolute respect, support, and a reflection of Loyalty.

Wabkem said; “Your partnership with Governor Makinde has witnessed tremendous development, electrifying all sectors of sustainable governance in Pacesetter State”.

We’ve never had it so good as this in Oyo, Kishi legal practitioners have raised the bar of good governance through loyalty, dedication, and Kind-hearted and compassionate mindsets to rally around the executive Governor of Oyo State.
Today, the good people of the Royal Council celebrate your womb escape day with more prosperous years, the longevity of life embodied with goodies, and unlimited blessings.

“We stand tall to honor your pillar of support, compassionate and unwavering dedication to selfless service in Pacesetter State. Truly, if it’s from Kishi, it must be of outstanding quality” Wabkem assured.

To the people at the grassroots, you’ve shown us strength in dedication, loyalty, support, and exceptional commitment to administer people’s friendly policies and governance ditto productive legacy. Good governance is beyond politicking, we’ll imbibe your enduring spirit and passion to triumph in our local administration.

May your day be long, Igba Odun, Odun Kan…!

Hon. Wahab Waliu Adetunji Wabkem,
Atiba PDP Chairmanship Candidate,

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