May 28, 2024

During the electioneering period, Adelabu Adebayo, popularly known as Penkelemesi, emerged as the second preferred candidate in Oyo State, with the then-incumbent governor, Governor Seyi Makinde, being the most favored.

Despite Adelabu’s vibrancy during the debates, the people of Oyo State’s overwhelming support for Seyi Makinde prevented him from clinching the top spot.

Adelabu boasts an impressive resume, having graduated with a first-class degree from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University and serving as the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

His accomplishments in the field of accounting and as a chartered accountant, coupled with his extensive travels and exposure, positioned him as a formidable candidate.

However, his appointment as the Minister of Power under the Tinubu administration has so far proven to be disastrous . Nigeria, already grappling with inadequate electricity supply, has had their experience exacerbated under his leadership in the power sector.

Questions arose regarding the rationale behind appointing an accountant to oversee the power sector. However, the Minister for Interior Engr. Olubunmi Olatunji-Ojo, an engineer has performed beyond expectation.

Yet, pondering what might have ensued had Adelabu been elected governor raises further speculation. Would he have been responsible for managing all sectors affecting the people of Oyo State? The lingering uncertainty prompts reflection on potential outcomes had circumstances been different.

As Oyo State navigates its political landscape, Adelabu’s stint as Minister of Power serves as a cautionary tale, underscoring the complexities of governance and the critical importance of prudent decision-making in leadership roles.

Mariam Oni

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