May 28, 2024

The Honorable member Representing the good people of Ibadan North Constituency II at the Oyo State house of Assembly, Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel, has extends warm Ramadan greetings to his constituents and the Muslim community at large.

In a statement released by his media team, Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel wishes all Muslims a blessed and peaceful Ramadan, filled with Allah’s blessings and grace.

As the holy month of Ramadan begins, Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel underscores the importance of reflection, gratitude, and compassion.

He emphasizes the significance of Ramadan as a time for spiritual growth, self-discipline, and acts of charity. He encourages constituents to embrace the values of tolerance, unity, and empathy, which are intrinsic to the spirit of Ramadan.

In his message, Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel expresses his commitment to serving the needs of his constituents during this auspicious month and beyond. He reaffirms his dedication to promoting inclusivity, fostering community cohesion, and addressing the challenges facing the people of Ibadan North State Constituency II.

As Chairman of the House Committee on Finance and Appropriation, and Chairman of the Humanitarian Committee, Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel remains steadfast in his resolve to enact policies that uplift the welfare of his constituents and enhance their quality of life.

He pledges to work tirelessly to ensure that the aspirations and concerns of the people are heard and addressed effectively.

Hon. Adebayo Babajide Gabriel extends his heartfelt wishes for a Ramadan filled with spiritual growth, familial bonds, and blessings.

He encourages constituents to observe Ramadan with reverence, humility, and gratitude, as they seek spiritual fulfillment and divine guidance.

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