May 28, 2024

A socio-political group, Osun Democrats for Democracy has called on the state assembly to ignore a petition against the extension of tenure of two exceptional public officers, describing the group as “interlopers” and “hired mercenaries” questioning the constitutional authority of the State Governor.

In a release in response to the petition by a moribund group which has lost values of its foundation fathers, the group called the attention of the desperate hatchet workers to the powers conferred on the Governor with respect to hiring of senior public servants.

We are compelled to ask whether the civil service rules override or is superior to the constitution of Nigeria? In any case, what is the business of the CSO in a matter where the constitution gives the Governor power to exercise?

As the Chief Executive Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke worked closely with his Head of Service to effect the reform of the public service which was bastardised by the previous government. New permanent secretaries were appointed and the reform process is still ongoing.

Similarly, the Governor is effecting public sector financial reform in close coordination with the Office of the Accountant General of the state and the State Ministryof Finance. Both reforms are yielding positive reforms.

The Governor within his powers beleives the reform must be consolidated and he granted these two officials more time to conclude the reform and effect an institutionalised committment to professonalism in the public service. This is within his powers as guarranted by the Constitution which overrides any state or service regulations

And we must add that this is not the first time such extensuon will be granted. Is this the first time it is being done? In administration, there is what we call precedent. Many precedents exists even in Osun state.

The same CSO was silent when former Goveenoe Gboyega Oyetola extended the tenure of the former Head of service. Mr Governor has not in any way violated any law as he only acted as conferred on him by the constitution , the supreme guidance of the nation.

We therefore urged the House of Assembly to throw the petition into the thrash bin where it belongs. The Assembly knows the Governor so well and we know the lawmakers understands that the CSO in question is an agent of the opposition.


Adeolu Adeyefa,
Director of Operations.

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