April 21, 2024

In an exclusive radio interview on Yes FM 101.7, Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade, the PDP chairmanship candidate for Ibadan North Local Government, articulated his vision to prioritize economic growth and community welfare upon assuming office.

During the interview with seasoned radio presenter Seun Owoseni, Hon. Olufade elaborated on his reasons for pursuing the chairmanship position, citing a deep-seated commitment to service and community development.

Owoseni: Why do you intend running for LG Chairman?

Olufade: Serving the people and giving back to the community are paramount to me. Whether at the federal, state, or local level, my focus remains on the well-being of our constituents.

Owoseni: As there been something you have been doing for the people?

Olufade: Indeed, much of my efforts have been behind the scenes. I’ve established a foundation dedicated to assisting many individuals in need.

Owoseni: How long have you been in politics?

Olufade: Politics is ingrained in me, but my active involvement spans a decade, with the past seven years being particularly intensive. Leadership isn’t merely about seeking power but about having the necessary qualities to lead effectively.

Owoseni: What is responsible for failing when politicians get to power after promising people heaven and earth?

Olufade: Comprehensive planning and proactive governance are essential. My team and I are meticulously strategizing to ensure success, as failing to plan is akin to planning to fail.

Owoseni: People are not enjoying local government Administration in the state because the state has taken over the function of the local government, why?

Olufade: We’re committed to expanding the local economy, diminishing reliance on federal allocations, and attracting investors to spur growth. It’s imperative to effect change, and we possess the capability to actualize it.

Acknowledging concerns about the youthfulness of his candidacy, Hon. Olufade affirmed that leadership transcends age, underlining his readiness to deliver tangible results and leave a lasting impact.

Owoseni: Can you tell us the names of places in Ibadan North local government?

Olufade: Certainly. [Proceeds to list various areas within the jurisdiction of Ibadan North Local Government.]

Owoseni: Have you met with the people?

Olufade: Absolutely, and our campaign is set to kick off soon, featuring engaging events to connect with constituents.

Owoseni: We heard that Agbaegbe demolished some shops at Bodija, what can you say about that?

Olufade: Engaging directly with the people will be a priority in my administration, ensuring prompt resolution of grievances and maintaining citizen satisfaction.

Owoseni: As a youth, can you really face the task?

Olufade: Leadership transcends age; what matters is readiness to deliver. Being young affords us energy and fresh perspectives crucial for effective governance.

Owoseni: How will you handle the issues of insecurity, education, and food security in Ibadan North local government?

Olufade: We’re formulating strategies to address insecurity proactively, enhance educational standards, and promote agricultural development for food security.

Owoseni: How do you feel because other political parties are coming into this context?

Olufade: Competition is healthy; it allows us to demonstrate the sincerity of our campaign and the strength of our resolve.

In response to callers’ inquiries, Hon. Olufade assured listeners of his commitment to inclusive governance, vowing to prioritize grassroots engagement and eschew the influence of godfatherism in favor of serving the people’s interests.

As the interview concluded, Hon. Olufade voiced his support for local government autonomy, provided there is adequate oversight to ensure responsible governance.

Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade’s radio interview provided insight into his vision for a revitalized Ibadan North Local Government, characterized by economic expansion and community-centered initiatives.

As the campaign unfolds, his pledges resonate with constituents eager for positive change and effective leadership.

Those who accompanied Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade to the radio program are his vice chairmanship candidate, Hon. Akeem Ayoade; the Director General of his campaign, Falana Adebowale; the former caretaker chairman of Aare Latosa LCDA, Hon. Kazeem Oshoniyi; Hon. Joshua Oladapo; Hon. Abiodun Agboluaje; Hon. Hamdy Mustapha; his personal assistant, Ayo Elemo; Aderibigbe Yisahu; and Mariam Oni.

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