May 28, 2024

Uniplan Integrated Services Ltd marked a day of inspiration and recognition on February 24, 2024, at the prestigious University of Ibadan, with a seminar, induction, and award ceremony that underscored the importance of consistency in achieving excellence.

With a firm belief in the foundational principle that consistency is the bedrock of excellence, the event aimed to instill a sense of purpose and commitment among attendees while championing the cause of national development and community engagement.

The day commenced with the registration of eager participants, setting the stage for an immersive experience that would leave a lasting impact on all those in attendance.

Led by the affable Mrs. Jadesola Ajibola, a seasoned broadcaster, the introduction and ushering of dignitaries lent an air of anticipation to the proceedings, culminating in a collective rendition of the national anthem that stirred patriotic sentiments among the congregation.

Dr. Kunle Awotiku, the visionary convener of the event and MD/CEO of Uniplan Integrated Services Limited, took center stage to deliver a heartfelt welcome address.

With meticulous attention to protocol, Dr. Awotiku outlined the objectives of the program and the diverse array of award categories awaiting deserving recipients.

His impassioned plea for individuals to unearth their latent potentials and channel them towards the betterment of society struck a chord with the audience, igniting a sense of purpose and determination.

The keynote address, delivered with eloquence and insight by Prof. Rotimi Adebayo Animasahun, served as the cornerstone of the day’s proceedings.

Drawing upon his wealth of experience, Prof. Animasahun expounded upon the transformative power of creativity, innovation, and emotional intelligence in shaping the trajectory of individual lives and the collective destiny of nations.

His compelling narrative resonated deeply with attendees, sparking a lively exchange of ideas during the subsequent question and answer session.

Amidst the intellectual discourse and introspection, moments of recognition and celebration punctuated the program. Diploma certificates were conferred upon 16 inductees of the IAMPS, fellowship and senior membership awards were bestowed upon 12 individuals by the esteemed Chartered Institute of Information and Strategic Management. Finally, honorary doctorate degrees were conferred upon seven prominent individuals by Prowess University, Delaware, USA.

However, it was the heartfelt tributes and accolades showered upon 26 outstanding individuals by Uniplan Integrated Services Limited that truly underscored the spirit of gratitude and community spirit permeating the event.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Awotiku expressed profound appreciation to dignitaries, awardees, and participants for their unwavering commitment to the ideals espoused by the event. With a nod to the future, he announced plans for another round of induction in Lagos, extending the transformative experience to a wider audience.

If you are in Lagos or its environs, and you are interested, kindly dm or WhatsApp 08025529320.

As attendees exchanged pleasantries and forged new connections, the hall reverberated with a sense of optimism and collective purpose, reaffirming the belief that through perseverance and collective action, the journey towards excellence and societal upliftment continues unabated.

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