July 16, 2024

In an enterprising session at the Oyo State Assembly, Chief Whip of the assembly, Honorable Gbenga Joseph Oyekola, representing Atiba State constituency, raised a motion On the urgent need to strengthen security in Oyo Town and its environs to curtail the invasion of Boko haram.

The motion brought forth during today’s plenary session presided by deputy Speaker, Hon. Abiodun Fadeyi highlighted the alarming security breach observed in several villages within Atiba Local Government Area.

Hon. Oyekola emphasized the critical need for immediate action, citing reports of Boko Haram sightings in Igbo-ologun, Alusekere, and Asamu villages, which border the Federal Government Reserve (Old Oyo National Park).

Villagers reported encountering armed individuals, believed to be Boko Haram members, equipped with AK-47 rifles and other dangerous weapons, their identities concealed by turbans.

Of grave concern was the alleged collaboration between the insurgents and local Fulani guides, facilitating their movements within the region.

Furthermore, the abandonment of duty posts by forest guards, coupled with the destruction of their stands within the Old Oyo National Park, underscored the severity of the situation.

In response to the escalating threat, Hon. Oyekola proposed urgent measures, including collaboration with security agencies, mobilization of local security outfits like the Amotekun Corps, and advocacy for state policing to safeguard citizens’ lives and properties.

The motion also highlighted the potential impact on food security, as farmers faced intimidation and displacement, exacerbating existing hardships.

The assembly’s resolution to urge the Oyo State Police Commissioner to coordinate efforts with other security operatives and the Executive Arm of Government to bolster security measures reflects the gravity of the situation.

Amid recent security incidents, including an unconfirmed blast in Ibadan, concerns about the safety of residents loom large, prompting calls for decisive action.

As the state grapples with different types of infiltration, the assembly’s motion signals a unified front in addressing the looming security crisis, underscoring the imperative of collective vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard communities against terrorist threats.

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