May 28, 2024

The trend of LGBTQ member’s attack and kidnap is becoming more alarming in Nigeria. These set of Nigerians are not covered by Nigeria law for any form of protection which exposes them to attacks,
homicide and kidnap.

There were series of attack on presume LGBTQ club (Association) members in the year 2023.

One out of many cases of such attack is the case of the Managing director of Tee and Tee Market Gat Limited; Mr Johnson Omotosho.

According to the information garnered by our correspondent as at last quarter of the year 2023, Mr Johsons’s bisexuality was exposed when some youths in Akinyele area of Ibadan, Oyo State caught him with one of his Male lovers in the very act of sexual relationship that cool evening of Friday, 3rd November, 2023.

The duo was seriously beaten and sustained various degree of injury that evening but escaped death through the intervention of some Elders in the community who contacted the Amotekun security outfit to arrest the situation.

When our reporter contacted Mrs Opeyemi Omotosho; the wife of the man in question, she refused to talk with our correspondent but a Family member who prefers anonymity reliably informed our reporter that the act of bisexuality of Johnson is well known to the wife and some of his extended Family members.

Conversely,she described the act an alien behaviour to their family value system.

Mr Omotosho Johnson was kidnapped few weeks after the ugly incidence by some armed bandits.

His Family Members were contacted for ransom of twenty million naira (#20,000,000) but he later escaped from the den of the bandits on 3rd December after spending six days in the forest with his abductor.

As at the time of filling this report, his whereabout is unknown to the people in his community while his Wife and three Children has relocated to an undisclosed destination for security reasons.

Whether ransom was paid before he escaped, we cannot ascertain for now.

Is the issue of globalisation (Digitalization) responsible for the increased in the act of LGBTQ in Nigeria and south western part of Nigeria in particular?

That is the question I will need to leave with our readers.

Adekunle Adewale reporting for

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