May 28, 2024

The lawmaker representing Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Federal Constituency, Hon Dhikirulahi Adedeji Stanley Olajide has extended a compassionate hand to his constituents in Oyo State.

Recognizing the economic challenges faced by the community, the House Committee Chairman on ICT and Cybersecurity, popularly known as Odidiomo orchestrated a significant humanitarian initiative aimed at providing immediate relief to the aged and vulnerable groups within the constituency.

This distribution effort encompassed both cash and food items, addressing the urgent needs of those mostly affected by economic hardships.

By choosing this specific date, 25th February, Odidiomo’s gesture did not only alleviate immediate struggles but also fosters a sense of communal support and solidarity among constituents.

The humanitarian gesture exemplifies the astute lawmaker’s steadfast commitment to the welfare of his constituents, showcasing leadership that not only acknowledges but actively responds to the pressing needs of the people during challenging times.

In their various remarks, the beneficiaries lauded the philanthropic gestures Hon Odidiomo.

They prayed that God in his infinite mercy would continue to bless the lawmaker and they pledged their unalloyed support for his political career.

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