July 15, 2024

Chief Benedict Akika, the Agbaakin of Olorundaaba and Mayegun of Akobo, has been doubly honored for his outstanding contributions to society.

On February 24th, 2024, Chief Akika was bestowed with the prestigious Humanitarian Award by Uniplan Integrated Services Ltd and the esteemed Ambassador of Peace Award by New Life Estate.

The Ambassador of Peace Award, presented by New Life Estate, was a recognition of Chief Benedict’s unwavering commitment to fostering peace and harmony within the community.

His tireless efforts towards conflict resolution and promotion of unity have significantly contributed to the peaceful coexistence of residents in the state.

Simultaneously, Uniplan Integrated Services Ltd acknowledged Chief Akika’s impactful endeavors by presenting him with the Humanitarian Award. His Ally, Basorun saint abbey received the award on his behalf.

His dedication to uplifting the less privileged and empowering numerous individuals in the society has left an indelible mark on the community.

Notably, his recent initiative of sponsoring hundreds of Oyo students’ JAMB forms across all 33 local government areas exemplifies his commitment to educational advancement and societal development.

Chief Benedict Akika’s philanthropic gestures extend beyond mere financial support. He has actively participated in initiatives aimed at socioeconomic empowerment, providing opportunities for individuals to become self-reliant.

His advocacy for civic engagement and commendation of the efforts of the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde, further underscore his dedication to public service and community welfare.

Furthermore, Chief Akika’s contributions to maintaining law and order in the state are evident through his initiative to build a police station at the Olorundaaba divisional headquarters.

His proactive approach to ensuring the security and safety of residents reflects his unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of society.

Upon receiving the dual accolades, Chief Benedict Akika reiterated his steadfast commitment to humanitarianism and peace-building.

He expressed gratitude for the recognition, affirming that the awards serve as a catalyst for furthering his mission to create positive change within society.

As Chief Benedict Akika continues to be recognized for his remarkable contributions to the development of Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole, his exemplary leadership serves as a beacon of inspiration for others to emulate in advancing societal progress and fostering lasting peace.

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