April 15, 2024

The Administration of Governor Seyi Makinde is no doubt a government that has hit the ground running ever since the inception of this glorious administration, an administration that centered his focus on the general well-being of the civilian populace, characterized with many friendly policy which has transformed the old Oyo state into a prominent state of economy hub of the southwestern states of Nigeria with many landmark infrastructural achievement so far to which has transform Oyo state beyond her counterpart southwestern states, this can not be achieved if not for our excellency’s unequivocal visions and remarkable commitment to serve the people of Oyo state his accountable and transparent governance, a feet that remained unparalleled between her governmental peers.

The Oyo state we knew through the former administration were lacking behind infrastructurally at all spheres of ministry, but with Governor Seyi Makinde on board we have witnessed many landmark projects completed and many running projects under construction been oversee by the Honorable commissioner for works Professor D K Sangodoyin, the man that fit the task, he has never been subdued by the great burden that lies ahead and it shows in his commitment to serve the people vividly and this was well accountable for as all infrastructural projects cuts across Oyo state a feat that remained commendable.

Undoubtedly we have been blessed in Oyo state with a Governor that has the love of his people in heart, a loving father that’s ready to serve and presents a listening ear to the masses voices, indeed we are grateful for Governor Seyi Makinde’s resilience towards engineering Oyo state to a new dawn.

So far so good, statistically this administration led by Governor Seyi Makinde has completed a whooping 220.62KM of roads projects since 2019, 144.37KM was Commissioned under Omituntun1.0 while 76.25KM has been commissioned in less than 8 Months under OMITUNTUN2.0 a feat which remained unparalleled.

Amongst this massive projects was 65KM Ibadan to Iseyin, 32KM Oyo-Iseyin road construction which has received a great commendations because it was this particular road that link Oyo to Oke-ogun the economy hub of Oyo state and iseyin been an Agricultural cultivating hub of Oyo state.

We have also witnessed the massive innovation and upgrade in the PMS sector with the construction of a giant infrastructural terminals across Ibadan a feat only been attained by Lagos state in the whole of Nigeria, that’s what I mean by the new dawn in Oyo state with many exclusive projects like construction of many moderns schools across Oyo state and with many rehabilitation of class room blocks across Oyo state, a total of 56 completed modern schools were statistically verified in Oyo state kudos to our amiable Governor Engr Seyi makinde for his wavering support towards the betterment of the entire people of Oyo state and the continued commitment to serve the people of Oyo through the selfless service of honourable commissioner for works Professor D.K Sangodoyin a man with a vision, no doubt action speaks louder than voice and his commitment towards actualise the Governor’s goals in trusting him with the mandate to engineer Oyo state to a new revolution of topnotch cities is no doubt realistic and commendable.

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