July 15, 2024

In a proactive move to enhance oversight and foster collaboration in the realm of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Cybersecurity, the House of Representatives Committee on ICT and Cybersecurity convened a significant interactive meeting with the management of the Nigeria Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT).

Chaired by the distinguished lawmaker representing Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Federal Constituency, Hon. Dhikirulahi Adedeji Stanley Olajide, widely known as Odidiomo, the committee demonstrated its commitment to robust engagement and effective governance in the digital sphere.

The interactive session, held on Thursday, provided a platform for fruitful discussions and strategic exchanges aimed at addressing pertinent issues relating to satellite communications, cybersecurity, and the broader ICT landscape in Nigeria.

Key stakeholders from NIGCOMSAT, including top management officials and technical experts, were present to engage with members of the House of Reps Committee.

The meeting facilitated a comprehensive review of NIGCOMSAT’s operations, challenges, and opportunities for synergy with government initiatives and legislative frameworks.

During the deliberations, Hon. Odidiomo emphasized the imperative of leveraging satellite technology to enhance connectivity, bridge the digital divide, and accelerate socio-economic development across various sectors.

He reiterated the committee’s mandate to ensure effective governance and regulatory oversight in the dynamic ICT sector, underscoring the importance of collaboration between government agencies, industry stakeholders, and legislative bodies.

In response, representatives from NIGCOMSAT provided valuable insights into the organization’s strategic objectives, ongoing projects, and initiatives aimed at harnessing satellite technology for national development.

They highlighted the critical role of NIGCOMSAT in providing satellite-based services, including broadband internet access, telecommunication, broadcasting, and disaster management, among others.

The interactive meeting served as a platform for constructive dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and consensus-building, paving the way for enhanced cooperation and synergy between the legislative arm of government and NIGCOMSAT in driving digital transformation and advancing Nigeria’s ICT agenda.

As the nation continues its journey towards a digital economy, initiatives such as this underscore the importance of strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts in harnessing the transformative power of ICT for inclusive growth, innovation, and sustainable development.

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