July 15, 2024

In a remarkable display of generosity and commitment to education, Chief Benedict Akika, esteemed Agbaakin Olorundaaba and Mayegun of Akobo, has sponsored the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) forms for hundreds of aspiring students across Oyo State.

Chief Akika, known for his philanthropic endeavors and dedication to community upliftment, has once again demonstrated his unwavering support for education by providing JAMB forms to students aspiring to pursue higher education in various institutions.

Expressing his motivation behind this noble gesture, Chief Benedict Akika emphasized the pivotal role education plays in personal development and nation-building.

He underscored the importance of investing in the youth, stating, “The younger ones are the leaders of tomorrow, and education is the key to unlocking their potential.”

Chief Benedict Akika said, “As a strong advocate of good governance and an ardent disciple of the Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, I shall continue to contribute my quota to the development of the state, as that is what the Governor himself stands for, and we shall continue to complement his efforts.”

In ensuring equitable access to educational opportunities, Chief Akika’s initiative spans across all 33 local government areas of Oyo State, reaffirming his commitment to leaving no community untouched by his benevolence.

He highlighted the significance of collaboration between individuals and the government, stressing that collective efforts are essential for societal progress.

Grateful beneficiaries from diverse backgrounds across the state expressed heartfelt appreciation to Chief Benedict Akika for his life-changing support.

Promising to utilize the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits, they expressed their profound gratitude and admiration for Chief Akika’s unwavering commitment to their success.

As Chief Benedict Akika continues to exemplify civic responsibility and make tangible contributions to the development of Oyo State, his legacy as a visionary leader and philanthropist remains firmly entrenched in the hearts of the people

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