April 21, 2024

Leading up to the forthcoming local government elections in Atiba Local Government (LG), leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have voiced their support for Honorable Wabkem.

In a unified stance, the party’s stalwarts endorsed Hon. Wabkem during their leaders’ meeting today, as the Campaign D.G for WABKEM/OLAIDE 2024 visited for prayers before commencing their campaign after the inauguration.

The Campaign DG, Hon. Gabriel Oyeleke, expressed gratitude for the leaders’ support during the inauguration and urged for further backing as they prepare to campaign for the WABKEM/OLAIDE 2024 election.

In response, Alhaji Qodir Olatunji, the vice chairman of the leaders’ forum, commended the campaign committee for recognizing the party’s leaders. He stated that the decision to endorse Hon. Wabkem is based on his track record of dedicated service, unwavering commitment to community development, and a vision aligned with the aspirations of the people of Atiba LG. As a seasoned leader capable of delivering results, Hon. Wabkem embodies the values of inclusivity, progress, and prosperity upheld by the PDP.

Alhaji Lateef Ayobami expressed confidence in Hon. Wabkem’s leadership abilities and his capacity to elevate Atiba LG to greater heights.

They highlighted his accessibility, responsiveness to constituents’ needs, and hands-on approach to problem-solving as distinguishing qualities that make him the ideal candidate for the position.

Additionally, Mrs. Serifat Azeez praised Hon. Wabkem’s deep understanding of the challenges facing Atiba LG and his innovative ideas and pragmatic solutions. She emphasized his development agenda, which includes initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure, healthcare, education, agriculture, and youth empowerment. She urged the committee to conduct door-to-door campaigns for Hon. Wabkem.

Prayers were offered for the campaign committee and candidate in both Islamic and Christian traditions. A vote of thanks was given by Vice DG Mr. Mosunlo, who highlighted the PDP leaders’ unity and determination to secure victory in the upcoming elections.

He solicited leader assistance as they mobilize grassroots support and engage in door-to-door campaigns, ensuring no stone is left unturned in their efforts to ensure Hon. Wabkem’s success at the polls.

Furthermore, the endorsement of Hon. Wabkem reflects the trust and confidence placed in him by the people of Atiba LG. It attests to his sterling reputation, proven leadership acumen, and unwavering dedication to serving the public good.

With the backing of the PDP leadership and the overwhelming support of the electorate, Hon. Wabkem is poised to emerge victorious and lead Atiba LG towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

DG Media and Publicity Reporting

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