July 16, 2024

In an effort to revitalize Oyo State’s cultural heritage and enhance revenue streams, Hon. Babajide Gabriel, representing Ibadan North Constituency 2 in the Oyo State House of Assembly, has proposed a motion for the urgent renovation and transformation of the Cultural Centre located in Mokola, Ibadan.

The motion, moved by Hon. Babajide Gabriel seconded by Hon. Yusuff Adelani during today’s plenary session on Tuesday, February 20, 2023, aims to rejuvenate the once vibrant hub into a modern 3D cinema complex, with the goal of attracting tourists and reigniting economic activity in Oyo state.

The Cultural Centre, formerly a focal point of cultural festivities and a significant revenue generator for the state during its peak in the 1970s, has sadly deteriorated over the years.

Overgrown with weeds and neglected, it serves as a poignant reminder of untapped potential and missed opportunities.

Stressing the importance of cultural preservation and tourism development, Hon. Babajide Gabriel emphasized the necessity of proactive measures to restore the Cultural Centre to its former prominence.

He highlighted the pivotal role of tourism in driving economic growth, drawing examples from developed nations where the tourism sector serves as a primary source of revenue.

The motion calls upon the Executive Arm of Government to prioritize the renovation and rehabilitation of the Cultural Centre, Mokola, while also advocating for the modernization of its cinema facilities into a state-of-the-art 3D experience.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and revitalizing cultural attractions, the initiative aims to attract visitors, bolster local businesses, and generate much-needed revenue for Oyo State.

In a statement following the motion, Hon. Babajide Gabriel reiterated his commitment to fostering cultural heritage preservation and economic development in the region.

He urged stakeholders to unite in support of the initiative, envisioning a vibrant Cultural Centre that not only showcases Oyo State’s rich heritage but also serves as a catalyst for sustainable growth and prosperity.

As the legislative process unfolds, all eyes are on the Oyo State House of Assembly and the Executive Arm of Government to take swift action in realizing the vision of a revitalized Cultural Centre, poised to once again captivate audiences and contribute to the prosperity of the state.

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