July 15, 2024

The Lawmaker representing Ibadan North State constituency at Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Olufunke Comforter Olajide, has called for urgent intervention of the State Government on indiscriminate Bush Burning along the popular Agodi Garden forest part which can create a significant risk of fire outbreak in the area.

Hon. Comforter made the plead during the plenary on Tuesday while moving a motion on the urgent need to stop the act of bush burning during the dry season without proper control and supervision.

She noted that the dry vegetation and combustible materials aided by the harmattan season increases the likelihood of fire spreading rapidly and causing extensive damage to properties and also endangering lives.

Narrating her ordeal, Hon. Comforter stated that on Monday, 5th February, 2024, an incident of Bush Burning of a part of Agodi Gardens created a significant risk of fire outbreak, posing a threat to the safety and well-being of the residents in Dejo Oyelese Street, Bodija, Ibadan.

“Open fire was observed at the Agodi Gardens Forest end which shared neighbourhood with Dejo Oyelese Close, Adeyi Avenue Old Bodija Estate, Ibadan, site of the recent explosion , an area already tensed as a result of the recent occurrence of explosion which made several landlords homeless, some lives lost and several casualties”.

“It took the response of the men of Oyo State Fire Services Agency who moved to the site of the incident to quench the open Burning flames.”

She stressed that the act of setting fire to vegetation without proper control has become a significant threat to the communities, posing severe risks to both human life and property , urgently needs to be curbed before creating another devastating incident in the society .

“The urgency of this matter cannot be overemphasised, as the potential consequences of a fire outbreak in a densely populated area like Oyelese Street, Bodija are grave. It is the responsibility of the government to prioritise safety and well-being of its Citizens”.

The House has however urged the Executive Arm of Government, through the Ministry of Information and Orientation to intensify public awareness campaign on all available media to educate the citizenry about the dangers of Bush Burning and the importance of reporting any suspicious activities.

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