April 15, 2024

Oyo State House of Assembly Member, Hon. Ogundare Abideen Adeoye, representing Ogooluwa/Surulere State Constituency, has spearheaded a motion addressing the pressing need to renovate and reconstruct Primary Health Care Centers in select Local Government Areas.

Hon. Ogundare highlighted the Federal Government’s initiative to establish one functional Primary Health Care Center per ward, a policy embraced by the Oyo State government during the Omitutntun 1.0 administration.

While commendable progress has been made, concerns linger over the neglect of some Local Government Areas.

Hon. Ogundare’s motion draws attention to the uninitiated projects in Ogooluwa, Ibadan Southwest, Iwajowa, and Ibarapa North, underscoring the vulnerability of agrarian communities.

Hon. Ogundare emphasized the heightened health risks faced by residents in these areas due to close contact with plants, animals, and agricultural chemicals.

Expressing the urgency of the matter, the Assembly Member stressed that access to quality healthcare in agrarian communities should be prioritized, aligning with the principles of basic health care as outlined by the World Health Organization.

The motion asserts that such initiatives not only fulfill a human right but also contribute significantly to the overall development of the state.

Hon. Abideen urged the Executive Arm, through the Oyo State Primary Health Care Board, to prioritize the renovation and reconstruction of Primary Health Care Centers in underserved Local Government Areas.

Furthermore, he called for a focus on remote villages lacking healthcare facilities, ensuring that construction efforts are directed where access to medical services is currently limited.

Hon. Ogundare concluded his motion with a plea for swift action, acknowledging Governor Seyi Makinde’s commitment to the health and well-being of Oyo State residents while emphasizing the need to extend these efforts to all corners of the state.

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