April 15, 2024

I came across a video on the internet yesterday that featured one acclaimed Oke-Ogun daughter, bastardizing the current administration and openly disparaging Barrister Abdul-Raheem Adebayo Lawal, the deputy governor of Oyo state, who has always been described as a blessing to the Oke-ogun zone and whose immense contributions to the development of Oke-ogun cannot be understated since taking office.

This lady, who chooses to give her advice in a theatrically absurd manner, not only demonstrated that she was clearly sent by APC for the hatchet jobs, but also caused one to doubt the credibility of a radio station that may have required her services. In fact, she has not only subjected her radio station into a ridicule, but has gained nothing from the balderdash rather than displaying her gullibility and foolery.

Because, how best could one explain again to an uninformed individual that the Igbope/Kishi road was one among the roads that has been captured in the 2024 budget for construction? Should we claim that she was in exile when the budget committee stormed Kishi for the briefing last year and how the Deputy Governor, Barrister Bayo Lawal was able to make a strong case for the reconstruction and rehabilitations of other deplorable roads in Oke-ogun zone?

Being able to express oneself freely does not give one the right to spread flagrant lies about an administration that traditional leaders from Oke-Ogun zone have mostly credited with being the best in Oyo State’s history for its significant contributions toward the development of the zone. It is quite disheartening that any of Oke-ogun’s sons or daughters could openly criticise Makinde’s government in spite of the fact that the zone has made significant progress over the past five years.

And what could have been more satisfying than just expressing gratitude to the governor for his ability to connect the Oke Ogun Zone’s road network to promote economic growth?

It is an open truth that the current administration had spent up to N40 billion on the construction and reconstruction of different roads that link Oke Ogun to other zones of the state. This administration has also been able to impact massively on the economy of the state by building infrastructure that targets the economic expansion agenda of the government and connecting all zones of the state.

Part of Governor Makinde’s administration’s commitment to reducing infrastructure deficit under Omituntun 1.0 was the approval of the construction of Idiko Ile-Ijio road and the partial reconstruction of Idiko Ile-Alaga Road, as well as construction of the Igbope road among others which were captured in the 2024 budget.

How soon we have forgotten the construction of several community roads to ease the burden of motorists and motorcycle riders opening the area of Oke-Ogun zone to further development? To mention but few, the Ebedi Community road which has really benefitted several Garri Processing factories as trucks offloading cassava and those loading bags of Garri to Lagos and other commercial cities are able to have easy access to the area. The construction of the road and culverts have also saved residents from hazards of gully erosion and flooding that have claimed lives of some people in the past.

Oke-ogun which used to be a terrible network of roads across several communities is today witnessing road network connectivity and the criss-cross of tarred roads that has contributed to the development of the zone under the Makinde’s administration.

It is not out of place that the zone would benefit even more developmental strides, given that Oke-Ogun has a patriotic, devoted, and loyal son who is the second citizen of the state. Barrister Lawal’s genuine affections for Oke-sons and daughters are evident in his appointment of about six out of nine political aides, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the zone’s development. I ask, who else loves Oke-ogun as much as Bayo Lawal?

I doubt if there could be anyone that is so passionate about the development of his hometown and zone as the current deputy governor of Oyo state. I still find it very hard to believe that someone claiming to be an illustrious son or daughter of Oke-Ogun zone would post false information on social media to disparage Baamofin of Kishiland’s efforts or would blatantly fabricate a story claiming that Barr. Lawal took long route home for Yuletide when he obviously stayed in Ibadan to mark his principal’s birthday and for the new year celebration.

So, isn’t it important to knock sense into contumacious heads and whip everyone into line so that unsuspecting readers, viewers and commentators to the lady’s video won’t fall into her antics. After all, her identity as one of the illustrious daughter of Oke-ogun zone is yet to be verified except that she has been sent by APC for the hatchet jobs.

Yes, what the current government needs at this time of early year is everyone’s prayer. And alchemy of SEYI & BAYO. We are in a democracy, yes, but democracy is no byword for lies and shallow criticism. If anyone makes a false alarm, lies or deceitful, they need to be whipped into line. The unsuspecting social media users and readers needs not go into a tailspin because some people bear giant sized grudges in their hearts.

Instead, people ought to be fully informed on a few infrastructure projects that the Makinde administrations have undertaken, such as the construction of the Iseyin-Saki, Oyo, Ibadan, and Fatope-Ogbomoso roads, Saki city dualization, and the current Saki to Ogbooro project.

If it weren’t for Barrister Lawal’s intervention and Governor Seyi Makinde’s unwavering efforts to advance the zone in all areas, the rehabilitation of Central mosque to IBA of Kishi road wouldn’t have received a quick attention. Today, The Oke-ogun Polytechnic, Saki is into a full fledged.

The Governor also took a multicampus approach to expand LAUTECH by establishing Iseyin Campus. And to ensure both campuses of LAUTECH are connected, Governor Makinde constructed a brand-new road, the 76.67 km Iseyin-Fapote-Ogbomoso Road. He has been able to pull Oyo State out of the trenches, to a large extent, and also continue to take sustainable actions which the next administration can build on.

Establishment of Tescom Zonal office in Kishi as well as renovation of Health centres across ward in Oke ogun by extension Oyo State were among the giant strides of the current administration which have affected everyone positively.

So, let’s be positive. Have the strong believe that the Makinde administration is on a path of sustainable development. Instead of criticising, we ought to work to respect the heritage that the Seyi/Bayo combination has ingrained in Oyo State as well as value the deputy governor’s loyalty to his boss, both of which will ultimately be of a great benefit to the development of the town.

Oyedeji Ahmed is the Special Assistant to Oyo State Deputy Governor, (Public Affairs).

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