April 15, 2024

The emergence of Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the chairmanship position in Ibadan North is perceived as a profound blessing for the people of this vibrant local government, bringing with it the promise of positive change and visionary leadership.

Hon. Olufade stands out as an individual of remarkable qualities. His calm demeanor, brilliance, and strategic thinking make him a beacon of hope for Ibadan North.

Known for his humane and easygoing nature, he has earned the respect and admiration of the community, positioning him as a credible and trustworthy leader.

A key aspect of Hon. Olufade’s character is his love for good governance. In sync with the populist school of thought, akin to the Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, Hon. Olufade’s alignment with this approach ensures a seamless integration of his vision with the broader goals of the state government.

This synergy is expected to result in a collaborative and effective governance structure that prioritizes the welfare and aspirations of the people.

What sets Hon. Olufade apart is not just his personality but also his people-oriented approaches and grassroots developmental agenda.

His strategies are rooted in a deep understanding of the community’s needs, with a clear focus on inclusivity and sustainable development.

The prospect of having a leader with such a holistic approach has generated immense enthusiasm among the people of Ibadan North.

Anticipation is palpable as the Local Government eagerly awaits the opportunity to have Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade at the helm of the council.

The widespread belief is that his leadership will usher in a new era of development, addressing the pressing issues that matter most to the local government.

The prospect of a local government administration that is both responsive and responsible has generated a renewed sense of optimism.

With his respect and a commitment to good governance, Hon. Olufade’s tenure promises to be marked by inclusivity, transparency, and progress.

His leadership style is anticipated to foster an environment where community members actively participate in the decision-making processes, ensuring that the aspirations of Ibadan North are not only heard but also acted upon.

As the council poll approaches, it is crucial for the people of Ibadan North to rally behind Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade.

He is undoubtedly the right person to steer the ship of Ibadan North Local Government to greatness, and their collective support will be instrumental in ensuring a prosperous and thriving future for the entire community.

The opportunity to vote for Hon. Olufade is more than just a political decision; it is a choice for transformation, progress, and a brighter future for Ibadan North.

Aderibigbe, Yisahu Ajibola writes from ward 12, Ibadan North Local Government

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