April 15, 2024

By Yso Oladunni, a Member of the GSM Advocates

“Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.” – Simon Sinek

In the intricate tapestry of representation, Hon. Femi Julius has emerged as a beacon of progress for the Saki West State Constituency. As we stand at the cusp of a rerun election scheduled for February 3, 2024, let us delve into the compelling narrative of a leader who has not only made promises but, crucially, has kept them.

Empowering Through Action:

Hon. Femi Julius, an unwavering advocate for the people, has redefined the scope of empowerment. It goes beyond rhetoric; it is action manifested in the distribution of motorcycles, sewing machines, pepper grinders, generators, and materials for the flourishing hairdressing and barbering trade. His initiatives have sown the seeds of economic opportunity and societal upliftment.

Community-Focused Development:

Leadership is about addressing the collective needs of a community. Hon. Femi Julius has been instrumental in the erection of cement electric poles, installation of transformers, and the mending of roads damaged by erosion. These initiatives are not just projects; they are a testament to a leader attuned to the heartbeat of the community.

Building Foundations:

Infrastructure stands as a cornerstone of progress. Through the construction of boreholes in Challenge, Koomi, Oge, Arafat Oke-Odo, Oke Sunna, and the remarkable TESCOM office complex, Hon. Femi Julius has forged a legacy that will resonate for generations. These are not mere structures; they are symbols of a commitment to providing essential services and fostering growth.

Legislation with Impact:

In the legislative arena, Hon. Femi Julius has proven to be a formidable force. His motions on critical projects such as the abandoned Saki dual carriage road, Oge water dam, Saki stadium, and the revitalization of OYSADEP have not been mere words. They have translated into tangible outcomes, a testament to leadership that translates promises into legislative action.

Call to Continuity:

As the rerun election approaches, Hon. Femi Julius, fondly known as “OMO-GB,” calls upon the people of Saki West to continue the journey they embarked upon together. It is not just about a vote; it is an affirmation of a vision, a commitment to sustained progress, and an endorsement of leadership that transcends the ordinary.

Let us rally together, not merely as voters but as partners in the journey toward a brighter, more prosperous Saki West. As we approach February 3, 2024, let our actions echo the sentiment: PDP – Power to the People!

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